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London’s gay sports teams want you to come out and play during Olympics

LGBT sports and athletics teams are to hold taster sessions during the Olympics period to attract new members as part of Out For Sport Week
Team sessions are open to anyone regardless of how much sport they play.

London’s LGBT sports and athletics teams are hoping to attract greater interest in sport through a series of ‘taster sessions’ between the Olympics closing ceremony and the Paralympic Games.

The event will run from 15 to 19 August.

Sports on offer to anyone include, football, hockey, kickboxing, martial arts, running, sailing, swimming, synchronised swimming, tennis and water polo. Out For Sport Week is also working to include teams of rugby, volleyball, softball and rowing.

The week’s aim is to get more members of the LGBT community interested in outdoor pursuits. Anyone regardless of age or how much interest you have in sports or athletics can join in.

As well as sport taster sessions, Out For Sport Week is currently organising a social event for 18 August, plus a picnic for 19 August.

Spaces for the meetings are limited so interest must be registered in advance. To register, simply go to Out For Sport Week’s Facebook page. Any further information will be released in the next few weeks.

If you want to get involved in arranging a taster session or help in organising social events email Sion O’Connor.

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