London fights to be world’s most popular gay hotspot

New York City remains the number one destination for LGBT tourists, but London and the UK have grown in popularity

London fights to be world’s most popular gay hotspot
07 September 2012

A league table published by LGBT marketing agency Out Now says the UK is climbing in popularity as a gay holiday destination.

The table released yesterday (6 September), says New York City remains the most popular gay city for 2013, but it is under pressure from the rising popularity of other popular destinations – its biggest rival being Rio de Janeiro at number two.

The UK and its capital London are this year’s biggest climbers, overtaking Paris and traditional gay hotspot, San Francisco. The results are based on research by Out Now, which asked participants the countries and cities they would like to visit.

France has been named as the number one destination, with 6% of its global tourism being associated with the LGBT community.

Darren Cooper, senior consultant at Out Now in London, said the results contained some surprises and a few wake up calls.

‘The latest tourism data from Out Now Business Class is one of the year’s most anticipated releases,’ he said.

‘This year it seems that Team GB can take credit for a few more wins as both London and the UK have seen significant improvements in their appeal to this market.’

The Eurozone crisis has not deterred LGBT travellers from travelling to Europe. Greece has been pushed up in rankings to appear in the top 10 most desired gay destinations globally. Italy has also risen in popularity while Spain has fallen several places.

LGBT tourism is big business. Out Now’s research showed that LGBT tourists have spent over $165billion (£103billion €130billion) in 2012 alone.

For the full league table and more information on popular LGBT destinations, simply visit Out Now’s website.



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