London Olympics committee backs Pride House

LOCOG supports gay sports event in UK capital during London 2012 Olympic Games

London Olympics committee backs Pride House
16 July 2012

Olympics organizers have backed a gay sports event in London, saying they see it as part of the games’ ‘legacy’.

Pride House, a gay venue for Olympic athletes, spectators, tourists, families and friends, was given the official support of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in a letter from LOCOG chief executive Paul Deighton.

‘As part of the legacy of the games, we hope that our work across diversity and inclusion will have raised the bar for major sporting events and helped to increase the profile for [the] LGBT community in sport across the world,’ Deighton wrote.

‘Hosting Pride House offers London and the UK a unique opportunity to present itself as a cosmopolitan and inclusive city and country which welcomes the world’s diverse communities and creates a safe sporting environment for LGBT athletes.’

The week-long event in Limehouse, organized by Pride Sports UK in collaboration with the Federation of Gay Games and the Pride House Foundation, will include screenings of the games plus live music, exhibits and video presentations from local LGBT organizations.

Paul Brummitt, secretary of the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association, welcomed LOCOG’s support.

He said: ‘The Olympic movement proclaims the practice of sport as a human right. Pride House is a call to make that human right a reality for all, whatever their gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.’

Pride Sports UK executive director, Lou Englefield, said they had been working with LOCOG for the past three years on a variety of projects to improve the inclusion of LGBT people in organized sport.

He said: ‘This message of support from Paul Deighton for Pride House, along with the ongoing support from diversity and inclusion director Stephen Frost, is a great boost as we try to meet the challenge of relaunching Pride House in a limited timeframe.’

Pride House 2012 will be held from 3 to 7 August at CA House in Limehouse Basin Marina, London. Plans for further events may be announced soon.

For more information or if you want to volunteer in helping with Pride House, simply visit the Pride House 2012 website. Entry is free of charge.



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