London Olympics gets first out lesbian medalist

German Judith Arndt won silver in the cycling time trial, and will be wanting another in the women's team pursuit

London Olympics gets first out lesbian medalist
03 August 2012

German Judith Arndt has become the first lesbian athlete to win a medal at the London Olympic Games, and will fight for another today and tomorrow (3-4 August).

After coming 37th in the cycling road race, Arndt stormed to silver in the time trial held on Wednesday (1 August).

Speaking to Cycling News, she said: ‘I’m really happy with the silver medal.

‘Of course my goal was to win gold, but if you would have asked me yesterday I would have named Kristin [Armstrong] as favorite for today. So I’m not surprised.’

American cyclist Armstrong won by more than 15 seconds over Arndt with a time of 37:34.82, with Russian Olga Zabelinskaya in third.

Although she started out relatively slow, Arndt climbed to fifth after 9.1km, and moved into third at 20.4km.

In the final 8.6km, she and Zabelinskaya took over Australian Linda Melanie Villumsen, who faltered in the final leg.

‘I put my focus on every race,’ she said. ‘Today was a new race, and in two days it will be another new race and I will give everything again, all the same.’

With a silver medal in the bag, Arndt will move onto the track cycling venue where she will compete in the women’s team pursuit along with Lisa Brennauer, Madeline Sandig and Charlotte Becker today (3 August).

At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece she won silver in the road race and, two weeks later, became world road champion at Verona, Italy.



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