London police step closer to finding man who ‘blinded’ gay man with bleach

Two women filmed on CCTV have come forward to speak with police about the incident

London police step closer to finding man who ‘blinded’ gay man with bleach
10 June 2014

London police are a step closer to finding the man who threw ammonia into a man’s face for being gay.

The authorities believe one man may have attacked three men in Vauxhall, an area of London south of the River Thames popular with gay clubbers.

Two women seen on CCTV around the time of the attack outside Lightbox club have come forward since the high-profile appeal launched.

They were not arrested after speaking to police, Scotland Yard said today.

The women, along with the man pictured, were said to have spoken to the 23-year-old and his 21-year-old male friend outside the club at around 4am.

After the two men told the women they were gay, the women were said to have shouted homophobic abuse at them.

The man then sprayed the bleach at them, burning the cornea of the 23-year-old’s eye and damaging the 21-year-old’s mouth.

During the same evening, a third man was also sprayed with a substance in the vicinity of the nightclub. All three were treated at hospital.

While doctors believe the 23-year-old will make a recovery, there is a chance his vision will be permanently damaged.

The company that owns Lightbox in Vauxhall has issued a statement about the incident.

Mark Williams, from Orange Nation, said: ‘This was an isolated incident and we have been speaking to police since it occurred, including supplying them with our CCTV footage of the local Vauxhall area.

‘The police have confirmed there is no direct link with the venue or our customers.

‘Our doors were closed at the time of the incident, with no gay events at the Lightbox that morning.

‘Our extensive commitment with the council and Vauxhall One to provide a safe environment for everyone continues.

‘Our thoughts go out to the victims of this awful attack and we wish them a speedy recovery.’

Officers from Lambeth Community Safety Unit are investigating and ask anyone who recognizes the people in the images, or has information about the incidents, to contact them on 020 8649 2176 or 07909 906 168.



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