Long-time menace to gay men arrested in Delhi

Blackmailer who targeted around 100 gay men over 10 years arrested in Delhi, India

Long-time menace to gay men arrested in Delhi
24 July 2012

A 25-year-old man was arrested on Sunday in Delhi for extorting thousands of Rupees from men after having sex with them to keep their sexuality a secret.

Rahul David’s blackmail came to an end when he asked a company director who had already given him 35,000 Rupees ($625, €516) for more money to keep quiet about their sexual encounter.

The director reported David to the police.

Under interrogation David told police that regularly visited parks in south Delhi looking for men to have sex with and visited their homes to blackmail them afterwards.

The social stigma associated with gay sex in India was enough to extort thousands of Rupees.

The Times of India reports that David extorted money from around 100 men over 10 years.



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