Lush backs Australia’s gay ‘Kiss and Tell’ protest

Australian branches of cosmetics retailer join gay marriage campaign

Lush backs Australia’s gay ‘Kiss and Tell’ protest
09 July 2012

Cosmetics retailer Lush has joined Australia’s gay marriage campaign by inviting customers to join a mass kiss-in protest at its stores on Saturday (14 July).

The ‘Kiss and Tell’ stunt will see people smooching for equal marriage in stores across the country, where customers can also sign a petition warning the federal government of the discrimination same-sex couples face.

All kissing for the cause will be photographed and used in the campaign.

The center of the protest will be based at Lush’s Sydney branch in George Street and is part of a week-long event starting today (9 July) and ending on Sunday 15 July.

As well as photos, Lush will be offering information on the problems faced by LGBT people in Australia and across the world.

‘Across Australia, tens of thousands of loving, committed same-sex couples and their families are excluded from marriage, and all the legal and social benefits marriage brings, simply because of their sexual orientation,’ said Alex Greenwich, national convener of Australian Marriage Equality.

‘For same-sex couples to fully share in marriage, we must pass an amendment to the Marriage Act which removes discrimination against same-sex couples,’ Greenwich added.

To celebrate, Lush has created a limited edition Freedom Foamer Bubble Bar, the proceeds of which go to Australia’s equal marriage campaign.

‘We believe every person should have the right to marry the person they love,’ said Lush campaigns manager, Megan Taylor.

‘Many of our staff, customers, friends and family are not given the same rights as everyone else and we felt, we had to challenge this injustice.’

For more information on the campaign, visit Lush’s campaign webpage.



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