Luxembourg elects world’s third openly gay leader

Luxembourg City mayor Xavier Bettel will become the world’s third openly gay or lesbian national leader after his Democratic Party did unexpectedly well in October elections

Luxembourg elects world’s third openly gay leader
14 November 2013

Luxembourg City mayor Xavier Bettel looks set to become the world’s third openly gay or lesbian national leader after he was picked to negotiate the next governing coalition by ruling monarch Grand Duke Henri.

Bettel’s centrist Democratic Party did unexpectedly well at elections last month, putting him in position to negotiate to form government in coalition with Luxembourg’s Greens and Socialists parties.

Bettel says he plans to legalize same-sex marriage as soon as next year and he will be sharing the Prime Minister’s official residence with partner Destenay Gauthier.

Bettel told Buzzfeed that it had ultimately been up to Gauthier whether he became prime minister or not.

‘My partner is a bit scared,’ Bettel told the website.

‘I try to be at home most nights as we’re a team but the obligations [of being Prime Minister] mean I will have to go abroad a lot.

‘I asked him the day after the election whether it was OK to form a government and he supported me. If he had said no I would have to think whether I could accept it or not – I didn’t want to break up a relationship! We’re a team for good times and bad.’

The other openly gay national leaders are Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and Iceland’s retired Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir



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