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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: ‘Fine, we’re gay!’

'Same Love' collaborators address the internet rumors and joke about their relationship
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have joked about their relationship, saying, 'Fine, we're gay!'

Rapper Macklemore and his collaborator Ryan Lewis have joked about their relationship, saying ‘Fine, we’re gay!’

On Chelsea Lately last night (28 August), the ‘Same Love’ musicians talked about the marriage equality hit.

The track recently won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Social Message Song.

‘It was an issue that I wanted to tackle but as a straight man, I’m like, “What is my vantage point on this issue?”’ Macklemore said, talking about Same Love.

Addressing their sexuality, Macklemore said: ‘Regardless of what the internet thinks, yes [we are both straight].

‘If you type in Macklemore, the [first Google search choice] is “is Macklmore gay?”’

When host Chelsea Handler asked where they met, and they said they met on MySpace. Macklemore threw up his hands, and joked, ‘Fine, we’re gay!’

When asked about the first line of the song, ‘When I was in the third grade I thought that I was gay’, he admitted it was because he loved the musical Cats growing up.

What made him realize he’s straight? ‘I started using my penis,’ he joked.

Check out the musicians on Chelsea Lately below:

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