Madonna supports gay rights in St Petersburg with pink wristbands

Madonna has announced on her Facebook page that pink wristbands will be given out during her concert in St Petersburg to support LGBT rights in Russia

Madonna supports gay rights in St Petersburg with pink wristbands
09 August 2012

Pink wristbands will be available during Madonna’s concert in St Petersburg today (9 August), to show support for the city’s persecuted LGBT community.

Madonna could face prosecution if she speaks out against homophobia in Russia under St Petersburg’s anti-gay law, which came into effect in March and bans discussion of LGBT issues.

Vitaly Mianov, the St Petersburg city assemblyman and author of the recent ‘homosexual propaganda’ bill, has said he would personally ensure she did not violate this law.

‘I’m ready to personally suffer a couple of hours of her concert…to control its moral content’, he told the Russian Interfax news agency in March.

Madonna was previously urged to cancel her Russian leg of the tour, but responded by telling Bloomberg News that she would continue with it nevertheless.

‘I don’t run away from adversity’, Madonna told Bloomberg News.

‘I will speak during my show about this ridiculous atrocity’

The star has also been urged by The Alliance of Straights for LGBT Equality Group to make a statement expressing her support in the fight against anti-gay laws in Russia.

‘Your words will have a real influence on the public opinion and will help to break the wall of misunderstanding and intolerance’, wrote the Alliance in their letter.



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