Madrid to host 2017 World Gay Pride

Madrid, the capital of Spain, was chosen as the venue to host World Pride in 2017, successfully outbidding Berlin and Sydney 

Madrid to host 2017 World Gay Pride
08 October 2012

Madrid was chosen to host in 2017 the world’s largest and most prestigious gay event.

More than 80 delegates from around the world voted for the Spanish captial unanimously at the annual meeting of InterPride in Boston, USA this Sunday (7 October).

Madrid’s successful bid was presented by representatives of the Office of Tourism of the City of Madrid, Miguel Sanz, and members of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender Madrid (AEGAL).

Two other cities, Berlin and Sydney also presented uncessesful bids.

The cities of Rome, Jerusalem and London have hosted the World Pride event. In 2014 the world’s prime LGBT event will be held in Toronto, followed by Madrid in 2017 and New York in 2019.

New York has been chosen for 2019 as the date marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall movement in that city.

Madrid previously successfully hosted in 2007 Euro Pride.

In a press statement Juan Carlos Alonso, an AEGAL member said: ‘Madrid Pride has helped change our city, including our country, making it a place of freedom, celebration, respect and equal rights.

‘We know that the eyes of the international LGBT community will be focused on our city and we will not disappoint because we are fully prepared to host the largest World Pride in history

‘This positions Madrid in the world as a true gateway to diversity and an example of coexistence.’

The costs of hosting the event in the Spanish capital are estimated at half a million euros ( US$ 648,000), Alonso emphasised the benefits: ‘In all previous events, the economic benefits exceeded US$ 110 million [85 million Euros], and we expect this figure to be higher in Madrid. Millions of people will come to Madrid, with all the benefits that this entails.’



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