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Major League Baseball teams under fire from anti-gay fans for taking a stand on LGBT bullying

Several MLB teams including the New York Yankees were critisised for showing support to bullied LGBT youth
Several Major League Baseball teams have come under fire from angry fans after taking a stand against LGBT bullying.

Major League Baseball teams who showed their support to stop LGBT bullying on Spirit Day have been criticised by homophobic fans.

Several teams, including the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals, changed their images on social media to include a purple border to to match the color of Spirit Day.

They also sent out a message on Twitter reading: 'Go purple for #SpiritDay 10/17! Support LGBT youth and stand against bullying. Join us now:'

However, the message to stop anti-gay bullying did not go down well with many baseball fans, who reacted with anger over social media.

Messages on the Facebook group of the Atlanta Braves were particularly homophobic.

One fan said: 'How about leaving politics and promotion of an immoral lifestyle out of baseball. Just because you played like sissies against the Dodgers doesn't mean you have to promote them.'

Another said: 'Well, I pulled my son from Boy Scouts due to their support of homosexuality and now guess I am no longer a Braves fan. And yes I will remove myself and refrain from supporting any organization or people who support LGB groups no matter the age!'

Comments left on the pages of other teams included: 'LGBTwhatevers are the true bullies' and 'No! This is wrong! I do not support! Will officially be un-liking this organization if this is what your supports are!'

Despite the anti-gay comments left by some fans, there were others who congratulated the MLB teams for taking a stand against homophobic bullying.

The Facebook page for the New York Yankees saw many fans calling out the anti-gay comments and thanking their team for their support to LGBT youth, saying: 'great job Yankees and MLB for supporting this great cause!'

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More of us PARENTS are mad at the 3 TEAMS, Colorado Rockies, Cincy Reds and Washington Nationals for NOT SUPPORTING Spirit Day..

WHICH WAS A DAY DEVOTED TO STOP BULLYING... All bullying of.. Geeks, Techies, Brainiacs, Fatties, Shorties, Chicks, Dudes, Spics, Chinks, Wops, Kikes, Japs, Injuns, etc. etc etc! NOT JUST LGBT!.
And we are telling them we are!