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Majority of voters in Minnesota still don't want gay marriage

In new poll, 53% say state's ban should remain in place

Minnesota made history last November when it became the first US state to defeat an anti-gay marriage ballot measure.

But according to the results of a Star Tribune poll released today (6 March), that doesn't mean Minnesotans want marriage equality in their state.

The poll of 800 Minnesotans, taken Feb. 25-27, shows that 53% do not want a state statute banning same-sex unions overturned. Meanwhile, 38% want legislators to pass a bill to overturn the law this year.

The strongest opposition is in Outstate Minnesota where 73% are opposed while the Twin Cities are has the strongest base of support.

Among those polled between the ages 18 and 34, more than half say the law should change.

There is also a strong divide along party lines with 66% of Democrats in favor of marriage equality compared to 76% of Republicans who are against it.

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