Malaysia responds to gay guidelines with National Wear V-neck Day

Tongue-in-cheek responses come out after Education Ministry endorses guidelines for spotting gay ‘symptoms’ 

Malaysia responds to gay guidelines with National Wear V-neck Day
17 September 2012

Malaysian LGBT rights activists have responded to Education-Ministry-endorsed guidelines by holding a National Wear V-neck Day.

Gay Star News reported last week on the guidelines issued to help parents spot ‘symptoms’ of their sons and daughters being gay.

The government later denied endorsing the guidelines, despite the fact the deputy minister of education spoke at the seminar where they were given out. 

One point saying that gay men ‘like to show their body by wearing V-neck’ inspired Malaysian LGBT rights activists to hold a National Wear V-neck Day on 1 October.

The event planned for the 1 October already has 647 attendees registered on Facebook

Reverend O Young Wen Feng (also known as Ngeo Boon Lin), the Malaysian gay pastor who held a wedding reception with his husband in Kuala Lumpur in August, endorsed the event on Facebook saying:

Singapore has Pink Dot, we Malaysians can have our National Wear V- neck day on October 1! No matter where u are, who u are, what u are, straight or gay, WEAR V-neck on Oct 1.’

National Wear V-Neck Day is not the only tongue-in-cheek response to the guidelines, which would be laughable if the were not so damaging.

Owners of Fierce Curry House, a briyani restaurant in Kuala Lumpur gave away free meals to men wearing tight v-neck T-shirts.

‘When the guidelines came out, we thought it was ridiculous,’ said co-owner Herukh Jeswant, the Malaysian Star newspaper reports.

‘But instead of joining in the fray to condemn it, we thought it would be an interesting concept to give out free briyani meals to the first 15 men who walk in with a V-neck.’

Malaysian LGBT rights activists Pang Khee Teik and Jerome Kugan were among those claiming a free curry.

The website Fake Malaysia News joined in the comic condemnation of the guidelines by publishing this image of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak displaying all the ‘gay characteristics’ they warn about. 



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