Malaysian gay guidelines group says they ‘never meant any harm’

Events organiser for teachers’ group who issued guidelines saying gay men wear V-necks says ‘we were just doing this for the good of society’ 

Malaysian gay guidelines group says they ‘never meant any harm’
18 September 2012

One of the groups in Malaysia who issued stereotypical guidelines for parents to tell if their children are gay has said they ‘never meant any harm’.

Yayasan Guru Malaysia Berhad, a teachers’ group, and Putrajaya Consultative Council of Parents and Teachers Associations organized the seminar ‘Parenting in addressing the issue of LGBTs’  last Wednesday.

At the seminar information was given out that offered to help parents spot gay characteristics in their children, including wearing V-necks for boys.

Hasnul Hadu Abdullah Sani, events coordinator for Yayasan Guru Malaysia Berhad told Asia News Network:

‘We never meant any harm. There was no bad intention. We were just doing this for the good of society and the nation.’

Hasnul Hadi added to Malaysiakini:

‘It is just an explanation for teachers on how to cope with the problem… we do not discriminate, we just wanted to create awareness.’

On Saturday the Education Ministry denied endorsing the guidelines but, Malaysiakini reports that deputy education minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi admitted he was at the seminar.

Malaysian media columnist Rom Nain commented on the incident:

‘The stupidity is so deeply entrenched and evidently widespread among these people currently holding the reins of authority… Think of the immeasurable harm, physical and, more so, mental, that all this stupid, misinformed profiling is going to cause our kids.’ 



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