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Malaysian state chief minister says gay wedding couple must ‘face justice’

Another politician criticizes couple for publicizing their gay wedding reception in Kuala Lumpur
Mohd Ali Rustam, chief minister of Melaka (Malacca) in Malaysia

The chief minister of the Malaysian state of Melaka (Malacca) has continued the war of words between gay pastor Reverend O Young Wen Feng and homophobic politicians.

Mohd Ali Rustam said ‘firm action’ must be taken against the New-York-based couple who held a wedding reception in Kuala Lumpur last weekend, reports Bikya Masr.

The chief minister said that Reverend O Young Wen Feng (also known as Ngeo Boon Lin) and his husband Phineas Newborn III ’are clearly challenging the laws and the values of our country, especially in the month of Ramadan, so I hope the government can bring this matter to face justice’.

Newborn, an American musical producer, commented about being part of the first publicised gay marriage celebration in Malaysia, saying:

‘We’re thankful to be able to make Malaysian history here.’

Yesterday Rev O Young responded on his Facebook page to criticism from another politician.

Mohd Ali, who is a member of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) political party that rules the country in a coalition, has been chief minister of the small southern Malaysian state since 1999.

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