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Malaysian transgender singer fined for being ‘feminine’

Islamic court fines transgender woman after she ‘repents’
Hafiz Jeffri outside the Syariah high court in Malaysia

Malaysian transgender singer Hafiz Jeffri was fined by the Islamic Syariah high court for ‘dressing in women’s clothing and having feminine mannerisms’.

The singer, also known as Kajol, ‘repented’ and had a prison sentence reduced to a 1,000 Malaysian Ringgit ($313, €250), government-owned newspaper The Star reported.

In Malaysia Syariah Courts have jurisdiction over Muslims only and can pass sentences of up to three years in prison, fine up to 5,000 ($1,564, €1,251) Malaysian Ringgit and up to six strokes of the cane.

In February, Gay Star News reported on a series of violent attacks on transgender women in Malaysia that were being ignored by the police.

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