Male cheerleader forced to quit, change schools over ‘gay’ bullying

A 13-year-old boy and his mother is taking action against school district for failing to do enough to protect him

Male cheerleader forced to quit, change schools over ‘gay’ bullying
25 October 2013

A 13-year-old male cheerleader was forced to quit and leave his school just because bullies thought he was gay.

The middle school student, known as BB, from Louisville, Kentucky, is taking action against the school district.

When he joined the cheerleading squad at his first school, he was the only male in the squad.

Perceived to be gay, bullies relentlessly tortured him in and out of the classroom.

‘It was in the classroom, it was in the cafeteria, and it was in the hallway too,’ he told WDRB.

‘One time I was even practicing and they were chasing me in the squad auditorium.’

BB’s mother has hired a family attorney, who specializes in anti-bullying cases.

Ted Gordon is going to represent the family, after she said the school did not ‘adequately protect her son’.  

She said: ‘This is my son and I love him and I don’t care what he does as long as it’s positive and it’s nothing that’s going to end [up with] him in a juvenile detention center’.

Gordon filed an order for protection in Jefferson County Circuit Court and is asking a judge to order the school district JCPS to protect the student from all harassment.

JCPS claims they have done everything in its power to protect the teen, and believes the protection order filed in court would be ‘impossible’ to fulfil.

They have also changed the teen’s schedule, occasionally escorting him around school, and sending a school counselor to cheer practice and to monitor possible bullying.

The district also highlighted it has held meetings with parents of the victim and the alleged bullies.

BB now attends Holmestead North, which has no cheerleading team, but the harassment still continues.



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