Male prostitute found guilty after killing Uni professor

Polish sex worker stabbed professor 114 times after being asked to engage in S&M 

Male prostitute found guilty after killing Uni professor
05 June 2012

A male prostitute who killed a university professor by stabbing him 114 times was found guilty in a Scottish High Court on Friday (1 June).

The jury found Polish sex worker Pawal Rodak guilty by majority verdict of murdering 64-year-old Roger Gray, The Scotsman reported.

Gray, a lecturer of 40 years at Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, died of blood loss in his home on 19 March 2010.

Rodak told psychiatrists he had felt uncomfortable at being asked to engage in sadomasochistic sex.

He claimed Gray had offered to double his fee if he whipped him with a ‘cat o’nine tails’ and slap him in the face.

Psychiatrist Dr Fionnbar Lenihan said: ‘Mr Rodak went to the kitchen to get his jacket and leave. Mr Gray followed him and became angry.

‘He said Mr Gray pushed him and hit him again and said: ‘I’m paying you’. Mr Rodak then picked up a knife from a table and said: ‘I go wild you know’.

‘When I asked him what was going through his mind he said: ‘I felt angry and frightened’.’

Dr Lenihan said Rodak had flashbacks to his first sexual encounter at 15, a violent rape by a 26-year-old man in Poland.

Charles Coventry, who lives in the flat above Gray, discovered the professor lying in a pool of blood in his underwear. He said he saw gay porn videos, knives and a whip.

Gray’s brother Fred told the paper: ‘Our family will never forget Roger.’ 



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