Man arrested for anti-gay razor blade attack

Charged man reportedly become violent after he stopped a transgender woman from using the women's bathroom

Man arrested for anti-gay razor blade attack
25 September 2012 Print This Article

A man has been arrested for a gay-bashing razor blade attack that took place last week at a McDonald’s in New York.

The man arrested reportedly became enraged when the victim’s girlfriend, who is transgender, tried to use the women’s bathroom.

Keith Patron, 44, was charged on 24 September with assault as hate crime, police reports said.

The attack occurred about 7pm Wednesday 19 September.

According to the New York Daily News, the attacker made anti-gay comments to the victims before the incident turned physical and the suspect took out a blade.

The victim was slashed in the face, back, neck and elbow. He was then taken to Bellevue Hospital Center and needed stitches to close his multiple wounds.

Police said the violence erupted when the slasher began expletive-laced taunt on the victim’s 22-year-old partner Jalisa Griffen.

Griffen said: ‘The guy started calling us faggots, saying he can’t stand gay people.

‘The insults were directed directly at me. My boyfriend said, “This is my girl”.’

It is the same McDonalds that was the scene of an anti-gay attack in 2011, when aspiring dancer Damian Furtch was brutally beaten by two men.

Furtch was allegedly harassed inside the fast-food restaurant for wearing bright shoelaces and a fluorescent jacket, both of which were part of his uniform at a restaurant, before being beaten up outside.



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