Man executed and crucified for male rape, murder and theft in Saudi Arabia

A religious court in Saudi Arabia had a Yemeni national executed and crucified for robbing, raping and then killing a Pakistani migrant worker

Man executed and crucified for male rape, murder and theft in Saudi Arabia
15 April 2013

A religious court in Saudi Arabia has executed and crucified a Yemeni man who robbed, raped and killed a Pakistani male migrant worker.

Saudi Arabia’s ministry of interior released a statement saying Mohammed Rashad Hussein, a Yemeni national, has been executed and crucified.

He was accused of murdering Sayed Khan, a Pakistani migrant worker.

He attacked him, stole from him and raped him before killing him.

The statement, released two weeks ago, was reported in some Arabic media but wasn’t repeated in any English based media.

It added Hussein was trying to pick up men and harass them in-order to rape them in the city of Jizan, in the extreme south west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It also said that a court investigated and then convicted Hussein for multiple crimes, including banditry, theft, sodomy and murder, according to Sharia law, but did not specify the method of execution (ie beheading or firing squad).

According to the paper, 26 people have already been executed in Saudi this year (2013) alone.

In 2012 there were 76 cases of public executions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not strictly codified and its implementation, in either a lenient or severe manner, depends mostly on religious Sunni judges and scholars, as well as royal decrees (and thus subject to extreme variability).

Conviction and severity of punishments depends on the social class, religion and citizenship of the accused, whereby non-western migrant workers receive usually harsher treatment than upper class Saudi citizens.

Ali, a 32-year-old gay law student in Jeddah told Gay Star News: ‘What the guy did was totally criminal and wrong, although I could not verify any other details than what has been reported by the Saudi press.

‘As for the act of male rape, sodomy, if a man was to rape a woman he would be treated in the same severity, so it is an aggravating factor but not itself the reason for the severe sentence.

‘Rape, along with violent robbery and drug dealing can be very severely punished by a public execution and crucifixion.

‘The majority of capital punishments carried out in the Kingdom are involve public shooting or beheading, it is very likely the man was beheaded with a sword and then crucified, but I could not verify this either.

‘Most of those put to death are not Saudi citizens but migrant workers.

‘As a human rights advocate I do not support the death penalty.

‘I also think Saudi Arabia’s excessive sexual repression has a great deal to answer for, it is sadly not unheard of that men, out of extreme sexual frustration, do harass and attempt to rape men and women.’



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