‘Man Up’ Facebook game encourages regular STI screening for gay men

A game of bouncy beds and scoring promotes the idea of getting checked regularly

‘Man Up’ Facebook game encourages regular STI screening for gay men
31 May 2012

In response to the new data released by the Health Protection Agency today (31 May), which showed an increase in the number of sexually transmitted infections in gay men, The Terence Higgins Trust (THT), the UK’s HIV and sexual health charity, has launched a platform game on Facebook.

The game, called Man Up, sees players bounce their way from bed to bed without either falling off the screen or being knocked off by a love bug.

The higher you manage to bounce, the more points you receive, but points can only be banked through a visit to the floating clinic. 

The game has an important message for gay and bisexual men, the more men you have sex with, the more often you should get tested for STIs.

You have a choice of four characters to play as, there’s Furvert, Hot Spunk, Sexy Beast and Cool Dude.

At key stages in the game, you will receive messages containing important facts on sexual health, including how STIs are transmitted and guidance on how often to test for them.

The game also includes links to websites with further sexual health information, and a clinic finder with details of your nearest screening service, so there’s no excuse to get yourself checked.

Cary James, Head of Programmes at the THT said: ‘It’s best for gay men to go for an STI screen at least once every six months.

‘If you’re having lots of different sexual partners, it’s a good idea to go more often. Finding out earlier makes it easier to treat and avoids any long term problems.’

Play the game via Facebook here, but be warned, it’s rather addicitive. 



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