Man gets 18 months in prison for anti-gay assault

Detroit man who brandished a gun and threatened a man just for 'standing too close' was given 18 months in jail

Man gets 18 months in prison for anti-gay assault
08 February 2013

A 26-year-old Detroit man was sentenced to 18 months in prison for an anti-gay assault yesterday (7 February).

Everett Dwayne Avery will also face three years of supervised release for the attack on Justin Alesna hat happened in March 2011.

While the two men were at a convenience store waiting in line, Avery used anti-gay slurs toward the victim.

After that he punched Alesna in the face, fracturing the victim’s eye socket. He pled guilty to violating the federal Hate Crimes Protection Act on 29 August.

Avery was prosecuted under the Federal Hate Crimes Protection Act, signed into law in 2009.

Robert Foley, director of the FBI’s Detroit division, said ‘hate crimes have no place in a civilized society’ and pledged the Bureau would aggressively investigate all violations.

In a video made shortly after the assault, Alesna said: ‘What happened to decency? What happened to … what the fuck happened? … I don’t understand why this happened.’

Check out the rest of the video here:



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