Man injured in Philippines foiling gay man’s suicide attempt

A man has been injured stopping a gay man from jumping off a bridge when he instead fell into the river

Man injured in Philippines foiling gay man’s suicide attempt
28 July 2012

A good Samaritan in the Philippines city of Cebu has been injured after preventing a suicide attempt by a gay man.

31 year old Ricky Espinosa saw a man about to jump off a bridge over a river in the city’s Kamputhaw district around 1.30pm on Friday and rushed to save him.

But in the course of trying to prevent the man from jumping, he himself fell into the water, sustaining a number of injuries on hitting the riverbed.

Philippines Police said that both men were drunk at the time, and that they were yet to ascertain the gay man’s identity.

‘He tried to jump off the bridge, but Espinosa saw him and tried to stop him,’ police officer Cliffton Manogura told the Sun Star Cebu newspaper.

‘We will still have to check if the two knew each other.’

The gay man was detained in Cebu’s Fuente Police Station following the incident.

‘We detained him for being drunk, we will have to release him once he gets sober,’ Manogura said.

Homosexuality is legal in the Philippines and its LGBT community is becoming increasingly visible but an anti-discrimination law which would protect LGBTs has been waiting to be passed by Congress since May.



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