Man jailed for nine years after raping ‘paralytic’ lesbian on bar floor

30-year-old Charles Franklin claims he had consensual sex with a lesbian who was inebriated after leaving a wedding in Bristol

Man jailed for nine years after raping ‘paralytic’ lesbian on bar floor
21 January 2014

A man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for raping a lesbian woman in a Bristol bar where he worked.

Charles Franklin, 30, claims he met the woman, who’s name has been withheld because of legal reasons, on the street and offered to charge her phone at his bar.

According to him ‘one thing led to another’ on the bar floor.

The woman, who had left a wedding at around 1am, had three times the amount of alcohol legal for driving and did not remember leaving the wedding. The woman told the court she woke up to Franklin raping her.

According to the Daily Mail, Franklin encountered the victim in a drunk ‘paralytic’ state on the streets of Bristol as she was heading home from the wedding.

While he maintained the sex was consensual, the woman revealed Franklin said he would ‘break her neck’ if she resisted.

‘The next thing I remember was being on the floor of this pub with a guy,’ she informed the court.

‘He stripped me. He was trying to force himself on me. I was struggling quite a lot. He told me if I kept struggling he would break my neck, so I let him do what he wanted.’

After the first orderal, the woman escaped through an upstairs window after Franklin reportedly tried to have sex with her again but fell asleep.

She was wearing Franklin’s trousers, where the police found his wallet and used it to track him down back to the bar.

The sentencing Judge Michael Roach said in a statement: ‘From witnesses we heard during your trial it was made clear that you are a man of good character but on the night in question you put that woman through a terrifying situation.

‘The sentence I am about to hand you should be in double figures, but your good character has reduced it to just under that.’



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