Manila’s Bed Bar seeks Mr Gay World

Bed Bar in Manila, Philippines, selects a representative for the Mr Gay World competition in South Africa in April 2012.

Manila’s Bed Bar seeks Mr Gay World
23 November 2011

The capital of the Philippines, Manila, played host to the Mr Gay World Competition in March this year. But in November we headed over there again to see the locals choose their entry for 2012’s contest.

The final was held in Bed Bar (, one of Manila’s most popular gay clubs and by the time the boys made their entrance onto the stage the venue was packed with friends, family and well-wishers.

Seven young men had been due to fight it out to be the Philippines representative at Mr Gay World 2012. But one dropped out at the last minute leaving six of the hottest locals to battle it out.

On the stage, a screen lifted to reveal the six finalists posed behind a glass window resembling a shop-front display. The boys slowly emerged onto the stage wearing African themed clothing (as the Mr Gay World final will be held in Johannesburg , South Africa in April, and each contestant performing a dance in a style that would have befitted the Lion King!

Then came the obligatory swimsuit round, all six contestants parading the stage confidently in their tight trunks. The judges marked them on various categories and some special awards were made including that of best in swimwear…

Following a short break the boys were back on stage in their formalwear. This round offered far more variety in terms of style and outfits with the guys showing off a mix of classic suits, bow ties, pencil ties and even winter jackets.

A 60s pastiche girl group provided the pre-results entertainment and then it was time for the big decision. Fans of each contestant yelled at the top of their voices begging for the host to reveal their favorite as the winner.

The envelope was ceremoniously opened ‘and the winner is number 6, Carlos Rosaino Jr’. He seemed genuinely shocked by the result but in my mind he was the clear champion; combining personality, confidence and a killer smile that should take him a long way when he finally gets to Johannesburg in April 2012.



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