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Marine kills another Marine

Marine dies in possible homophobic incident
Marine kills another Marine

The details are sketchy, but the following is known: two Marines argued near what is called Barracks Row in Washington, DC. One is dead, while the other is in police custody.

As reported by a local ABC news station (Channel 7), Marines Philip Bushong and Michael Poth had a verbal altercation early in the morning of 21 April. According to police, Poth used a homophobic slur against Bushong and allegedly stabbed him.

'We do not have any information there was physical contact before this,' said Lieutenant Robert Alder, a homicide detective. 'It was just an exchange of words, which escalated... with a stabbing occurring.'

The weapon was a pocket knife; Bushong was stabbed once in the chest and was declared dead at hospital. Witnesses say both men were in civilian clothes. Poth allegedly tried to flee but was apprehended by Marine guards, who witnessed the altercation.

The suspect, who will appear in court tomorrow, is charged with second degree murder.

OutServe, the association of actively-serving LGBT U.S. military personnel, issued a statement.

 'We are deeply saddened by the death of Lance Corporal Phil Bushong at the hands of a fellow Marine. We are troubled by the specter that this might have been a hate crime; if so, we anticipate the authorities will pursue it to the fullest extent of the law.'

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