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Marine wins Mr Gay World USA

Nevada marine veteran has won the American beauty pageant and will go on to represent the United States
Matthew Simmons, a Nevada marine veteran, has won Mr Gay World USA.
Photo by Fuerte Men.

A Marine has taken the title of Mr Gay World USA, a last final stamp on the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Matthew Simmons, from Nevada, won the beauty pageant contest and will go on to compete for the title of Mr Gay World.

During the competition, he stripped down to his speedos and posed in his uniform.

Simmons said: ‘I dream to inspire my peers to overcome the tough obstacles in their life and strive to be the best person they can, never giving up on their dreams and never losing sight of who they are.

‘Traveling to and living in many foreign countries for the better part of my childhood has allowed me to gain a respect for people living in other parts of the world that may not be as fortunate as many Americans are.

‘I believe this makes me relatable to a diverse range of men, giving them someone they can easily look up to.’

Simmons beat out 25 contestants from across the country to win the title and will represent the United States at Mr Gay World in Belgium on 4 August.

Executive producers and judges Jarl Haugedal and Michael Billy said Mr Gay World was far more than just a ‘typical beauty pageant’.

‘We want to turn the competition into a showcase that uses gay for good,’ Haugedarl said. ‘The Mr Gay World USA competition is a prime example of activism meets entertainment and we are so proud to see each of the competitors stick to their platforms and grow as individuals.’

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