Married Georgia lesbian blocked from adding wife’s surname on drivers license

Georgia’s Department of Driver Services is refusing to change Danielle McCollum-Tucker’s drivers license to reflect her post-marriage name change due to the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

Married Georgia lesbian blocked from adding wife’s surname on drivers license
30 September 2013

The US state of Georgia is refusing to allow an out-of-state married lesbian to change her name on her drivers license despite allowing her wife to do the same.

Employees at a Georgia Department of Driver Services office didn’t deny wife Shakira McCollum-Tucker’s application to hyphenate her name when she sought to replace an expiring license.

But when Danielle McCollum-Tucker sought to use their Maine issued marriage license in her application to add Shakira’s surname to the end of her surname a few weeks later, employees refused her – saying Shakira’s license had been issued in error.

Georgia’s state constitution prohibits all state agencies from accepting same-sex marriage documents for any purpose.

Danielle McCollum-Tucker told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she had been floored by the refusal.

‘I was angry,’ Danielle told the newspaper, ‘I was shaking.’

It was probably the worst feeling I had ever had in my entire life. I told her they were discriminating against me … I was shocked. I had never been [so] openly discriminated against.’

The McCollum-Tuckers have started a petition on the website calling on the Georgia Department of Driver Services to change their policy of refusing to acknowledge out-of-state gay marriage.

‘There are thousands of married same-sex couples like me and Shak living in states where our marriages are illegal and we must keep working until all same-sex couples have equal rights and protections,’ Danielle said.

‘Because the Supreme Court overruled the Defense of Marriage Act, Shak and I can change our passports, social security ID cards, and credit cards and even file joint tax returns. It just doesn’t make sense that we can do all these things, but we can’t have the same last name on our driver’s licenses.’

Danielle and Shakira McCollum-Tucker are far from the only couples affected as same-sex couples are barred from adding their partner’s names to their drivers licenses in several other states including Tennessee and Florida,



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