Martina Navratilova tells Gay Star News she’s not doing Donald Trump’s reality show

Tennis legend says reports that she will be on Celebrity Appearance are false

Martina Navratilova tells Gay Star News she’s not doing Donald Trump’s reality show
11 March 2014

News began to pop up on several websites Monday (10 March) that tennis legend Martina Navratilova was going to compete on the next season of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

In response to a query about it from Gay Star News, the nine-time Wimbledon singles champion tweeted that this is not true.

‘No, I am not doing The Apprentice,’ Martina tweeted. ‘False report.’

Navratilova is one of the world’s most famous lesbians and an outspoken advocate for LGBTI equality. In contrast, the three-times married Trump continues to say he is against same-sex marriage.

Figure skating star Johnny Weir, who is married to a man, was another name reported for The Apprentice. If that is the case, Weir wasn’t talking about it on Twitter with his most recent tweet stating: ‘I need to get on the ice so badly! Gaining weight and eating cake every minute and need a major workout!’

NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice has had openly gay contestants before including singer Clay Aiken and Star Trek icon George Takei.

Takei tried, unsuccessfully, to try and get the Republican Trump to change his public stance on gay marriage.



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