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Mary Portas' pregnant partner breaks ankle days before due date

Fashion editor Melanie Rickey to be operated on after 'blacking out' and falling
Mary Portas partner breaks ankle days before due to give birth

The heavily pregnant partner of British lesbian retail guru Mary Portas has fallen and broken her ankle days before her due date.

Melanie Rickey broke her ankle her three places after ‘blacking out’ and is now in a wheelchair.

The fashion editor for Grazia magazine tweeted that she would need an operation.

‘Yes :( screws/plates n everyfing,’ she posted on Twitter.

The 39-year-old is expecting her first child. Portas, who shot to fame with her Queen of Shops TV show, has two children from a previous marriage to Graham Portas.

Rickey moved in with the 52-year-old seven years ago and had a civil partnership in 2010.

Portas was ranked joint top of the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List in 2010, alongside rugby player Gareth Thomas who came out last year.

In December 2011, she advised UK Prime Minister David Cameron on how to reinvigorate Britain's ailing high streets.

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