Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on why he signed gay marriage bill

Says effort was led by a desire to fight for the dignity of every child's home

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on why he signed gay marriage bill
02 March 2012

A day after he signed a gay marriage bill into law in Maryland, Gov. Martin O'Malley shared how his action was, more than anything, about families.

Rather than expound on a general belief that full equality should be awarded all gay and lesbian Americans, the governor kept the focus on the dignity of the children of same-sex couples who want to be married.

'Our efforts were in essence about the dignity of every child's home,' O'Malley writes in a Huffington Post column published Friday (2 March) 'All of us, wherever we happen to stand on the marriage equality issue, can agree that all our children deserve the opportunity to live in a loving, caring, committed, and stable home, protected equally under the law.'

The governor singled out a 4-year-old boy named Will and his two moms (pictured) who he had spotted last month on the day the Maryland House of Delegates approved the bill. They met O'Malley after they had been waiting for hours outside the House chamber for the vote to take place and the boy seemed tired.

But the governor said when he saw a photo of the smiling boy and his moms right after the vote, he reinforced for him what the fight was really about.

'His little face was lit up with joy, and he was cheering as his moms hugged him with the love that only a mother can provide,' O'Malley writes. 'Will may not have understood the debates, but his smile after the vote proved one very important thing: even a 4-year-old knows the value of human dignity.'

Maryland is now the eighth state in the US to make same-sex marriage legal. The other states are New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, Washington as well as the District of Columbia.



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