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Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley reflects on gay marriage victory on his state

'I get choked up just thinking about that evening'

It's been seven days since Maryland voters approved gay marriage in their state but Governor Martin O'Malley is still feeling an immense joy that began on election night.

'I get choked up just thinking about that evening,' O'Malley tells journalist David Mixner. 'I looked out over and saw my friends with their children, households headed by LGBT parents and all these people who had come together for a greater good. It was so real to me and so moving. This evening was not abstract it was about real people with real lives.'

O'Malley had expressed similar sentiments last March when he signed the marriage bill into law after it was approved by both branches of the state legislature. Marriage equality opponents gathered enough signatures to force the issue onto the November ballot.

Similar bills were also passed in Washington and Maine while voters in Minnesota defeated a measure thst sought to ban gay marriage in that state.

Mixner asked O'Malley what advice he would have for a young person struggling with their sexuality.

The governor, a father himself, answered from the perspective of a parent saying 'that God doesn't make mistakes and has made each of us in his own image. God is simply love. There should be no fear in love.'

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