As Matt Birk steps up fight against gay marriage, NFL teammate publicly disagrees

Baltimore Raven's Brendon Ayanbadejo: 'His kids will grow up to have a different opinion from him'

As Matt Birk steps up fight against gay marriage, NFL teammate publicly disagrees
02 October 2012

Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk has ratcheted up his fight against gay marriage in his home state of Minnesota with a new video in which he speaks out against what he calls ‘genderless marriage.’ ‘

Supporting the basic rights of children and the authentic rights of people with same-sex attraction are not mutually exclusive, and we must resist the forces that are telling us otherwise,’ says Birk who also wrote an anti-marriage equality column for the Minneapolis Star Tribune this week.

He says there are even people within his own Catholic Church who say not to talk about gay marriage because it makes them ‘somehow mean or bullies.’

‘If we allow genderless marriage to be made law, the implication is that the contribution of part of our community – either man or woman – are somehow insignificant and less valuable.’

Birk’s teammate on the Ravens, Brendon Ayanbadejo, has already established himself as an outspoken advocate for marriage equality and he spoke with about their differing views.

‘Of course I disagree with his stance, but I’m not gonna tell someone how to raise their kids,’ Ayanbadejo says.’He wants the world to be a better place for his kids. I think just from where we’re heading, his kids will grow up to have a different opinion from him, I’ll just leave it at that.’

The two players remain cordial to each other.

‘On the field, we’re on the same accord,’ Ayanbadejo says. ‘When we come to work, we’re on the same page. One goal and that’s to win a championship.’



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