Matt Bomer talks about taking it all off for stripper film Magic Mike

'It took me a couple of months to shake this movie off'

Matt Bomer talks about taking it all off for stripper film Magic Mike
25 May 2012 Print This Article

Matt Bomer  admits that before he began filming his role as a stripper in the upcoming feature film Magic Mike, he went waxing.

He and three of his co-stars, Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello, reveal such manscaping secrets in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly – part of the major promotional push for the movie which hits theaters on June 29.

For Bomer, star of the USA Network hit White Collar, the movie will provide him with his biggest film role yet and comes just a few months after he publicly acknowledged being gay and being in a long-term relationship with powerful publicist Simon Halls.

Since so much skin is being shown in Magic Mike, the cast was asked what their significant others thought about the actors being so exposed.

‘Simon was totally cool with it,’ Bomer said. ‘He’s totally supportive of me as an artist. He’s like, ‘Go do your thing, and let me know how it goes when you get home.’

The film was inspired by Tatum’s experience as a stripper in Florida more than a decade ago and when Bomer was filming his ‘Dr. Love’ routine with a female extra, he asked Tatum: ‘What should I do different?’

Tatum advised him to ‘grind your junk in her face.’

‘And I’m like, ‘All right, I’m gonna do it!’ Bomer recalled. ‘And she started [getting intimate]. She would not just sit by passive. She was like, ‘Oh, I’ll tango with you.”

Manganiello, who has been friends with Bomer since they were in college together, finished the anecdote: ‘Apparently she went back to her table and turned to her girlfriend – it turned out she was a lesbian – and she says, ‘My mother would be so proud of me right now!’

Bomer says it was difficult to step out of the role once the film wrapped.

‘I was in my sister’s wedding right after we finished filming. And at the dance floor at the reception, I was like [starts doing a sexy dance move]. And I was like, ‘Whoa! I’m not on the set of Magic Mike anymore. I can’t take it down low like that at my sister’s wedding.’ It took me a couple of months to shake this movie off.’



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