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Matt Damon and Michael Douglas to play gay lovers in new film

Filming has started on the HBO film Behind The Candelabra based on the life of Liberace and his lover
Hollywood star of the Bourne films Matt Damon will play Scott Thorson, who was 39 years younger than his partner Liberace, played by Michael Douglas.

Filming has begun on new HBO film Beyond the Candelabra starring Hollywood stars Matt Damon and Michael Douglas as gay lovers.

Action star Damon, who turned down the opportunity to star in The Bourne Legacy, was spotted in full 1970s gear including a pastel shirt, khaki trousers and a shaggy blonde wig yesterday (31 August).

Douglas, known for his Oscar-winning role in 1987, is playing the flamboyant pianist Liberace and Damon will be taking on the role of his young partner Scott Thorson.

The film is based on Thorson’s life with Liberace, who had a 39 year age difference.

Liberace and Thorson met in 1977 when Thorson was just 18 and they split in 1982.

After the split Thorson filed a $113 million lawsuit against Liberace, furious with the way he was treated by the performer, and then wrote a book about his experiences.

Throughout his career Liberace publicly denied his homosexuality and died of AIDS in 1987.

The HBO film is directed by Steven Soberbergh, who is known for his work on the Ocean's Eleven franchise and 2012 stripper film Magic Mike.

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