Matt Damon talks about turning down Brokeback and learning to kiss guys from Heath Ledger

Hollywood heartthrob Matt Damon has opened up about why he turned down an offer to star in Brokeback Mountain and has talked about what he learned about kissing guys as an actor from Heath Ledger

Matt Damon talks about turning down Brokeback and learning to kiss guys from Heath Ledger
28 December 2012

Matt Damon has opened up about why he chose not to accept an offer to appear in the film Brokeback Mountain and what the actor who eventually landed that role, Heath Ledger, taught him about kissing other guys as an actor.

Prior to the offer Damon had appeared in The Talented Mr Ripley in 1999 and All The Pretty Horses in 2000.

Damon told Playboy magazine that he told the filmmakers ‘I just did a gay movie and a cowboy movie. I can’t do a gay cowboy movie now!’

However he told the magazine that he didn’t regret the decision despite the film’s success.

‘The right actor got the part. Heath Ledger was magnificent,’ Damon said.

Damon later picked up some tips from Heath Ledger about how to approach intimate same-sex scenes as an actor.

‘I remember asking Heath Ledger after Brokeback Mountain, “How’d you do that scene with Jake?” – meaning the scene where they start ferociously kissing”,’ Damon told Playboy.

‘He said, “Well, mate, I drank a half case of beer [beforehand] in my trailer.”

‘I started laughing and he goes, “No, I’m serious. I needed to just go for it. If you can’t do that, you’re not making the movie”.’

Damon is currently promoting Behind the Candelabra in which he plays Scott Thorson, the long term partner of Liberace – played by Michael Douglas who Damon says is ‘a wonderful kisser.’

The film will screen on HBO later in 2013.



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