Olympic gay diver Matthew Mitcham plays Beyoncé on a ukulele

Australian Olympic diver Mitcham is making his own entertainment before his big dive next week

Olympic gay diver Matthew Mitcham plays Beyoncé on a ukulele
03 August 2012

Out and proud Australian diver Matthew Mitcham has been relaxing during the Olympics by playing some creative interpretations of Beyoncé songs on his ukulele.

Mitcham released a clip on his official YouTube channel of him playing a folk version of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, in response to a request on Twitter.

The clip was posted on Wednesday (1 August) and already has nearly 20,000 views and nearly 700 likes.

‘I profess to be neither a great instrumentalist nor singer,’ he says. ‘I’m just an Olympic diver who likes to strum away in his spare time. I think this is where I am supposed to credit Beyonce or something…’

Mitcham, 24, is not competing in his 10-meter platform diving category until next week (10 August), when he’ll being hoping to end China’s clear run of diving golds, just like he did in Beijing in 2008.

We agree with YouTube commenter JohnGrai who says: ‘Could you pause being multi-talented and excruciatingly attractive for five minutes. Yer putting the rest of us mere mortals to shame.’

We love you Matthew!



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