Matthew Mitcham vows to dive naked if he wins Olympic gold again

Openly gay athlete excites fans with Twitter promise

Matthew Mitcham vows to dive naked if he wins Olympic gold again
09 August 2012

No doubt 2008 Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham already had plenty of fans rooting for him to duplicate his efforts from the Beijing Games.

Now they have even more incentive.

The openly gay athlete recently tweeted to his 27,000-plus followers: ‘If I win gold at #London2012, I will dive off 10m naked to celebrate.’

Mitcham has yet to compete but he has captured plenty of attention during the London Games with his YouTube covers of Single Ladies and the theme from Family Guy.

He begins competition on Friday (10 August).

So far in London 2012’s diving, Chinese competitors have taken the gold medals in all categories. Mitcham is hoping to end this run like he did in Beijing in 2008.

Brisbane-born Mitcham started off in trampolining before he was spotted by a diving coach mucking around in the pool one day when he was 11 years old. He came out before the Beijing Olympics, where he was one of only a handful of out gay athletes.



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