May the fourth be with you: Lego Star Wars

We love celebrating Star Wars Day with Eddie Izzard and Lego

May the fourth be with you: Lego Star Wars
04 May 2012

May the fourth be with you this Star Wars Day as fans all over the world celebrate these iconic films.

Gay Star News loves Star Wars and has dug out a hilarious video to honor the day which also features two of our other favourites – Lego and high-heeled comedian Eddie Izzard.

The zany Eddie Izzard sketch shows a frustrated Lego mini-figure Darth Vader in the Death Star canteen trying to order a penne arrabiata.

The clip’s typical of the Monty Python style humour for which gender-bending Izzard is famous and had us in hysterics as Lord Vader threatens to kill the attendant with the Lego food tray.

There’s something deliciously camp about his refrain ‘do you know who I am?’ when he is not recognised by the canteen attendant.

Izzard is famous in the UK for his transvestism and describes himself as a ‘male tomboy’.

Perhaps this is why he chose to use Lego which has been the ultimate Boys’ toy since the 1940s.

Whatever the reason we think the video’s genius. And it’s now established as a YouTube classic. Watch it here:



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