Mayor bills Paris anti-gay marriage protestors €100,000 for clean-up

Organizers of Sunday’s rally against gay marriage have been left with bill due to damage to the Champs-de-Mars

Mayor bills Paris anti-gay marriage protestors €100,000 for clean-up
16 January 2013

Organizers of a march against gay marriage in Paris have been left with a €100,000 ($133,000) bill for clean-up costs.

The bill has been imposed by Mayor Bertrand Delanöe after over 340,000 people protested against gay marriage in the French capital on Sunday (13 January). Marriage equality is being pushed by President François Hollande.

The money is to cover damages by the protestors to the grass on the Champs-de-Mars where they congregated at the end of their ‘March for all’.

But it has been criticized, with some accusing Delanöe of being unfair because he is gay and supports marriage equality.

‘It is absolutely ridiculous,’ Xavier Bongibault told The Local. ‘He would never do that if it was a pro-gay marriage demonstration.

‘He has taken a militant position towards us. He himself gave his agreement that the march could go ahead,’ said Bongibault, who is also gay but opposes marriage equality.

Others involved have said they won’t pay up but Delanoë has reportedly sent the invoice to France’s interior ministry who he says should pass it on to the organizers.

Meanwhile, the Hollande has made it clear he is pressing ahead with his election pledge of legalizing same-sex marriage and adoption.

The only concession made so far is that access to medically assisted procreation won’t be available to gay and lesbian married couples.

Delanoë is due to march for gay marriage on 27 January in Paris.



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