Media leaks are ruining the Olympic surprise

Reports in the press are taking the surprise out of plans for the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, says East London lesbian and campaigner Linda Wilkinson

Media leaks are ruining the Olympic surprise
03 July 2012

Like many people I didn’t get tickets for the London 2012 Olympics. Living in an Olympic borough, where my family have lived for a few hundred years, and being an ex-athlete I volunteered to get into the Opening and Closing ceremonies. The thousands of us who actually made it through the selection process are sworn to secrecy. So to put it bluntly we are all pretty pissed off with the leakages about the event.

Then there are the helicopters, flying low enough to give us crew cuts, filming a work in process that is not ready yet for general consumption.

There was once the concept of gentlemen’s agreements where information was withheld, whether for the nation’s good, or just out of a sense of honesty and decency. Newspapers who should know better, yes the Sunday Times, and those who once were newspapers, the Evening Standard, are doing their utmost best to remove the element of surprise from this huge and ambitious coming together of people from all over the world.

Would it be too much to ask that for the sake of a shekel you stop being so predictable and act like adults who might actually care about something bigger than your ability to ruin things for the rest of us?

Of course we have a free press, but with rights come responsibilities. Why not join in the spirit of the people giving up their summer freely to make this happen?

We have people from all over the world, who have come from all over the world, just to take part in the performance. Many will travel from all around the country, many more have taken unpaid leave, given up their holidays, pay fortunes in rail fares, just to be part of the world’s greatest party.

As a group, a very large group of people, we have bonded and a Facebook page has been set up, in protest at what we see as an insult to our efforts.

What we are doing is huge, creative and something we hope that will make the nation proud, unlike the efforts of some elements of the press.

If you want to protest about the irresponsibility of the press visit the Facebook page here.



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