Meet Spandex: The all-gay superhero team

New all-gay superhero team do battle with 50-foot lesbians in British seaside city of Brighton

Meet Spandex: The all-gay superhero team
31 May 2012

GSN would like you to meet: Prowler, Liberty, Glitter, Indigo, Butch, Mr Muscles and Diva, who form Spandex, an all-gay superhero team.

Spandex charts the adventures of the group who live in Brighton on England’s south coast, one of Britain’s gayest cities, and do battle with 50-foot lesbians, a group of deadly pink ninjas, and their own complicated love lives.

They’re created by independent London writer and artist, Martin Eden, who said: ‘This comic has been a labor of love for me.

‘It’s fun and experimental, and I’m really excited about taking the characters and the comic to a much wider audience.’

So, lets meet Spandex.

First of all there’s Liberty, a glamorous transvestite, a powerful lesbian named Diva, a French teleporter called Indigo, Prowler who absorbs the abilities of gay people, Glitter with the ability to transform himself into light and a rock hard pair of twins, Mr Muscle and Butch.

On discussing the idea for the series, Eden said: ‘I thought it would work as a series, because it’d be great for the LGTB audience to have something to enjoy.

‘And for the straight audience, well I felt that a lot of current comics were getting a bit stale and it would create a universe that straight comic readers were less familiar with.’

Due for release on 15 June, Spandex: Fast and Hard is priced at £7.50 ($11.60 €9.40) and is published by Titan Books.

For further details, visit the Spandex comics official website.

Watch an interview with Martin Eden here: 



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