Melbourne Lord Mayor agrees Australia is looking ‘silly’ for not going ahead with marriage equality

'I think we'll look back in ten years time and say "what was all that about",' says Liberal Party politician Robert Doyle

Melbourne Lord Mayor agrees Australia is looking ‘silly’ for not going ahead with marriage equality
24 April 2013

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle agreed that Australia is starting to look ‘a bit silly’ for not going ahead with gay marriage as other countries around the world do so.

The Liberal Party politician was speaking on talk radio station 3AW this morning. When host Neil Mitchell mentioned that France has legalized gay marriage and asked the Lord Mayor what he thought about it, Doyle said:

‘I’m absolutely for it. I think we’ll look back in ten years time and say, "what was all that about?".

Doyle admitted that years ago he wasn’t ‘mad about the word marriage being used’ but now he thinks ‘what does it matter?’ He said:

‘If two people find each other, love each other, form a strong family unit, that’s good for everybody and good for the community.’

Doyle joins Liberal party gay marriage supporters shadow cabinet minister Malcolm Turnbull, New South Wales state premier Barry O’Farrell and former government minister Amanda Vandstone.

Currently Liberal party members are required to vote in a block against any same-sex marriage legislation, according to a policy from leader Tony Abbott.

Australian Marriage Equality (AME) reinvigorated their campaign to get Abbott to allow legislators in the Liberal-National coalition to vote as they wish in a conscience vote on same-sex marriage. The campaign group is asking supporters to email coalition MPs about the issue.

‘If we can convince a majority of Coalition candidates to say "yes" to a conscience vote, the last major barrier to reform will be removed,’ said AME national director Rodney Croome.
‘I urge marriage equality supporters to take inspiration from the pro-equality votes in New Zealand and France, and take action to ensure Australia is not far behind.’

Abbott suggested at the weekend that he might allow MPs a conscience vote on the issue after the general election in September.  



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