Meldrum’s condition still critical

Family and friends of iconic Australian music industry legend Molly Meldrum are optimistic although his condition remains critical

Meldrum’s condition still critical
17 December 2011

Music industry legend and Australian 'national treasure' Molly Meldrum is still in critical condition after being found unconscious in his East Melbourne home on Thursday night.

Meldrum was believed to have been hanging Christmas decorations when he fell from a height of approximately three metres, resulting in a fractured skull, broken ribs and a punctured lung. However, the reason for the iconic music critic and journalist's fall is still unknown.

Garry Spry, a friend of Meldrum's since 1964 told 7 News he did not fall from a ladder, as previously thought, but from his spa, several metres from the ground.

After being rushed to hospital by paramedics, doctors put Meldrum in to a medically induced coma and are still unable to fully access his injuries due to swelling on the brain.

Today, after another night in intensive care, Meldrum's loved ones are cautiously optimistic.
Meldrum's good friend and manager Mark Klemens told the AAP (Australia Associate Press) only immediate family and close friends were permitted to visit the 65-year-old.

'The night was uneventful. There was no deterioration,' Klemens said. 'He is still critical.'

'It's horrible, it's very upsetting, but you have just got to be optimistic,' he added.
Floods of support have poured in from friends, colleagues and fans of the much loved, Stetson-wearing record producer and musical entrepreneur. Many of which have been meeting in Melbourne in a vigil to express their hope after the tragic event.

Both Minogue sisters sent get-well tweets along with the likes of Boy George, Russell Crowe, Ruby Rose and Kim Wilde. Fans of the pop guru have also been using the LoveYouMolly hastag on Twitter and other online forums play host to supportive comments from fans Australia and worldwide.

A spokesperson from The Alfred hospital in Melbourne says Meldrum has been fitted with a neck brace but his condition is still critical.



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