Melissa Etheridge’s ex wants more than $23,000 a month in support

Tammy Lynn Michaels and singer are headed toward custody and financial showdown in court next month

Melissa Etheridge’s ex wants more than $23,000 a month in support
10 April 2012

After nearly nine years together and two children, Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels continue to be engaged in one of the ugliest same-sex celebrity couple splits in history.

Michaels, a 37-year-old former actress, has filed court papers asking for a raise in the $23,000 a month she currently receives from Etheridge in child support, according to documents obtained by

The court papers state that Etheridge, a Grammy and Oscar winning musician, earns more than $177,000 per month and should be giving Michaels and the kids more.

Michaels, who was one of the stars of the Ryan Murphy-created cult TV hit Popular for two seasons and had a supporting role in the short-lived NBC sitcom Committed, claims she has 'virtually no saving'" and would need 'extensive retraining' if she were to rejoin the workforce.

She and Etheridge are headed back to court next month for a settlement conference on financial and child custody issues. In in her latest court filing, Michaels also claims her former partner is brainwashing their kids to be emotionally distant from her, refuses to let the kids get vaccinated, and curses around the children.

In addition to the increase in child support, Michaels also wants Etheridge to pay her $120,000 legal bill.

Michaels was incensed that Etheridge, shortly after their split in the spring of 2010, was saying in interviews that the break-up was mutual and amicable telling Oprah Winfrey: 'It’s sad, and we share two children and she will always be in my life. She’s a wonderful woman and an incredible mother. … We want to do all the things that are best to keep our children healthy and secure.'

Michaels began sharing her feelings on her personal blog including this entry from June of that year: 'I gave up my managers, agents, contacts, all that good stuff, because I stepped directly into potty training a small boy, and carrying around a small girl on my hip. both excellent souls. and I was a very huge part in raising them for many many years while She with the Guitar focused on her Guitar.'



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