Mexican rock group Maná sends pro-gay message to 8 million Facebook fans

Fher Olvera, the lead singer of Grammy-award winning band Maná, said: ‘all expressions of love are important’

Mexican rock group Maná sends pro-gay message to 8 million Facebook fans
07 April 2013

Maná, the hugely popular Mexican rock band, has come out in support of gay marriage.

Earlier this week the band’s vocalist and guitarist Fher Olvera took to Facebook to send a positive message to the group’s eight million followers and fans.

Olvera, who married his wife Mónica Noguera last year, also included a link to a Youtube video from 2009 where New York state senator Diane Savino gave an inspiring speech about the then-pending marriage equality bill.

Mexico’s own marriage equality debate has reached new ground as two women became the first same-sex couple to marry in the Mexican state of Oaxaca last month.

Maná’s message focused more on love and equality than the politics of same-sex marriage. The message originally written is Spanish is translated below, followed by Senator Savino’s speech and a Youtube video of one of Maná’s most popular hit songs.

Fher wrote: ‘Full recognition for same-sex couples is not just a question of equality, it is also a matter of justice. Today there are places where these expressions of love cause confrontation. But the potential for love is a human right and a legitimate way to pursue happiness.

Our freedom to choose is protected by free will. When a human being loves another honestly and responsibly with true surrender, there is no impurity. 

We transcend when we love our neighbor, when we are able to give and love even until it hurts. Loving ourselves and loving others is the only possible way to live in harmony.

Peace, like Benito Juarez said, is the result of the respect for the rights of others.

No to discrimination, yes to tolerance.
No to indifference, yes to respect.
No to prejudice, yes to understanding.

In a chaotic world where there is still too much hatred, all expressions of love are important so that we do not forget that, even in spite of our imperfections, we are called to be angels. Because the only sin is the absence of love’.




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