Mexican soap star comes out as gay

Actor, renowned for playing lothario villainous roles in telenovelas, says he was inspired by Ricky Martin to be open about his sexuality

Mexican soap star comes out as gay
04 June 2013

A Mexican soap star, famous for playing lothario villainous roles, has come out as gay.

Sebastián Ligarde, 59, who starred in the influential telenovela Quinceañera, said he was inspired by singer Ricky Martin.

The actor said while it would be ‘much easier to lie’, he said coming out was a ‘day of relief’.

Speaking to Mexico’s TVyNovelas magazine (and as translated by The Huffington Post), he said: ‘I’m gay and I say this with pride.

‘No gay person should have to walk down the street with stigma stamped on his forehead. Sexual preference is genetic… and if God and my family knows it, then let the world know it.’

He said he had been bisexual when he was younger, saying it ‘doubled my chances at getting a date on Saturday night.’

But now, Ligarde says he has been in a stable relationship for the last 20 years.

Ligarde, who has his own acting school, added: ‘I believe I’m at an age when I can help new values… and to have the courage to accept myself publicly, as Ricky Martin did.

‘He has been an inspiration for me when it comes to talking about this subject.’

Ligarde played a gang member in Quinceañera, for which he won a TVyNovelas award for Best Male Antagonist.



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