Mexico’s states debate gay marriage laws

Two years after the Supreme Court ordered all 31 states to recognize gay marriages officiated in Mexico City, some states begin to plan their own same-sex marriage laws

Mexico’s states debate gay marriage laws
22 August 2012

In 2010, Mexico’s Supreme Court mandated the whole country recognize gay marriages conducted in the capital.

As a result of the 9-2 decision, all 31 states were to honor the rights of gay couples married in Mexico City, but they were not required to pass their own same-sex marriage legislation.

Two years later, some Mexican states are setting plans in motion to allow same-sex marriages.

According to Infonor, the northern state of Coahuila will consider modifying the state’s civil code in order to permit same sex couples to marry.

The proposal, put forward by Samuel Acevedo Flores, representative of Coahuila’s Social Democratic Party ‘is not about creating a specific law for same-sex marriages’.

The idea is to reform civil legislation and remove the conditionality that marriage is only between a man and a woman’.

Coahuila already honors same-sex civil unions, and upon approval of its same-sex marriage bill will become the second state in the country to have laws that grant gay couples adoption rights, social security and health benefits, inheritance and other marriage entitlements.

The southern state of Quintana Roo is also debating a marriage equality bill, as its civil code does not explicitly specify that marriage must be between a man and a woman. This loop hole prompted one lesbian couple and one gay couple to be the first to marry in the state in 2011.

Same-sex marriages were legalized in Mexico City in 2009. 



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