Michael Buble’s got ‘a bit of a man-crush’ on Robert Downey Jr.

Singer Michael Buble confesses to having 'a bit of a man crush' on actor Robert Downey Jr.

Michael Buble’s got ‘a bit of a man-crush’ on Robert Downey Jr.
16 December 2011

Regis Philbin was never shy about sharing his man crushes during the more than 10 years he spent sitting alongside Kelly Ripa on their popular morning show.

Now that Philbin has retired and the show is now called 'Life With Kelly,' Ripa is finding that some of her guest hosts have man crushes too.

Neil Patrick Harris, who guest hosted the first post-Regis week last month, obviously has more than a man crush on fiance David Burtka. But who knew that this week's guest host, Michael Buble, is crushing on Robert Downey Jr.

'I’ve got a bit of a man-crush, and I’m okay to say that,' Buble told Downey Jr. as he greeted the actor on Thursday's show.

Downey was on the show to promote his new film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows which opens in theaters today.

Prior to Downey Jr. taking the stage, Buble shared with Ripa that his wife, Argentine actress Luisiana Lopilato, were looking at photos of the actor online and she urged him to kiss Downey.

'Right here for me,' he quoted her as saying as she pointed to her lips. She added (in a thick accent that Buble mimicked) that she 'like the old mans. They teach me.'

There was no kiss but as Downey Jr. sat down he said: 'I like this guy' and  added: 'I think you look fabulous.'



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